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  • Lifestyle

    What travel vaccines won't prevent

    5 min read

    Vaccines are great for preventing many communicable diseases. But there are some problems that you can't avoid just by getting a shot.

    All causes of travellers' diarrhea

    The most co...

  • Healthy Living

    Vaccinations & Immunizations

    3 min read

    While it’s not something we think about day-to-day, vaccines play a critical role in keeping you, your loved ones, and your community safe from infectious diseases.

  • Healthy Living

    Hepatitis A and B

    2-minute read

    Hepatitis A and B are preventable viral infections that can damage the liver.

  • Lifestyle

    Don't get bugged when you travel

    2-minute read

    Sometimes it feels like we're so bombarded with warnings about disease outbreaks around the world, you just want to stay home! Avian influenza, swine flu, malaria, cholera, Ebola, COVID-19... the l...

  • Lifestyle

    Insuring a healthy and safe trip

    4 min read

    If you plan to travel outside Canada, you should get the best medical insurance you can afford – hospitalization or medical treatment can be very expensive. Canadian provincial medical insura...

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